4 Tips for Making Good Coffee March 24, 2012 10:17

For many people, making coffee is an important part of their morning routine. And for many people, pouring that coffee down the hatch isn't always an enjoyable experience. I'd like to share some basic tips that will help make your coffee taste better.

  1. Use filtered water. Tap water has all kinds of things in it that can ruin a good cup of coffee, namely chlorine. Chlorine in coffee is usually the culprit behind a bitter aftertaste. If your refrigerator dispenses filtered water, make sure that you've replaced the filter at some point in the last six months, otherwise it isn't doing anything. Brita pitchers are cheap, easy to use, and do a great job. Unless your house is equipped with an advanced water filtration system that is routinely serviced, I'd recommend using one of these for best results.

  2. Rinse your filters. If you use paper filters in your coffee maker, try rinsing them with water before you make your coffee. This keeps the tiny paper particles out of your coffee, helping to eliminate the "paper-taste" that no one enjoys.

  3. Grind right before brewing. Ground coffee goes stale faster than a bag of open potato chips and there's nothing you can do about it. Believe me. If you start grinding your coffee right before you brew, you'll never go back to buying pre-ground coffee. The taste difference is incredible. If you don't have a grinder and you'd like to get one, email me and I'll send you an affordable recommendation based on your brewing method.

  4. Buy fresh roasted coffee beans. I'm sure you saw this one coming, but it's true. Coffee beans don't have an eternal shelf life, even if the bag is sealed. If you buy your coffee off the shelf at a grocery store, it's probably been sitting there for weeks. By this time, the beans have become stale, resulting in dull and muted flavors. Fresh, properly roasted coffee should posses a natural sweetness and potential fruity flavors depending on which part of the world the beans are from. Actual Coffee ships the day after roasting so you can finally taste what fresh coffee is like.

For me, these are four basic and non-negotiable steps for making coffee. If these things are missing from your routine, try implementing them one by one and notice the differences in taste. 

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