Some thoughts on Tumba Cocatu May 02, 2012 13:50

 I've received some interesting reactions when I tell people about my coffee from Rwanda. It seems like at least 60% of the people didn't even know where Rwanda was until I mentioned its continent. "Ohhhh, Africa! Aren't they looking for Joseph Kony there?" To which I must reply, "You're thinking Uganda, and no, they didn't film Blood Diamond there either."

At any rate, I just wanted to talk a little more about the coffee because its pretty special in my opinion

My objective in roasting is to bring out the coffee's true flavors, not just roast til the beans are dark. In the Rwandan coffee's case, I find that the coffee is sweetest and most flavorful at what's known as a City+ roast. Without going into too many technical roast terms, a City+ roast is one of the lightest roasts out there. The coffee produces a tea-like body with strong jasmine and mandarin orange notes. It's tremendously sweet and juicy tasting when brewed right.  And in NW Ohio, good luck finding any coffees like this.

The taste of this coffee is truly remarkable, but more than that, the farmer received a remarkable wage for his work. It's usually unheard of for coffee farmers to take 65% profit of the purchase price, but the Cocatu Cooperative has achieved this, thanks to the help of a consulting group in the capital city. Many coffee cooperatives fail because of a lack of business and accounting know-how. In recognition of this, the people at the Cocatu Coop recruited some help so that they could stay in business and get their amazing coffee to international markets.

Below is a good shot of the farm near Tumba town. This picture highlights the long tables that the coffee is dried on before being shipped to the mill.

Try out this coffee. You won't be disappointed. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!