Actual Coffee Newsletter - July Edition July 31, 2012 11:38 1 Comment

There’s lots of exciting things to share at Actual Coffee, so it’s time to write a newsletter!

Bleak House Coffee is now serving Actual Coffee! They’re a new coffee shop located in the heart of downtown Toledo. I think this place has great potential to be one of the best coffee shops in NW Ohio simply because they’re using higher quality coffee than what most people are familiar with. They also feature manual brewing methods, such as pour-over, aeropress, and french pressed coffee – all things that really help draw out the true flavor of good coffee. If you find yourself downtown, or craving a great coffee or espresso, check them out. For directions and other details, check out their Facebook Page or visit their website at

I’m currently roasting coffee from the Yirga Cheffe region of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. This coffee is exquisite. It’s delicate, floral, sweet, and has some strong fruit notes as the cup cools. It’s one of the best coffees I’ve ever roasted and I would encourage everyone to try it. I’ve written more about this coffee here. You can order online and pick up your coffee at Bleak House too!

Last but not least, I’ve got a new coffee roaster picked out that will allow me to roast more coffee and offer better pricing to businesses and retail customers alike. This roaster is hand-crafted in Nevada and is made entirely of American parts. Specialty coffee roasters across the nation use San Franciscan roasters because they’re well built and allow the roaster increased control of the roaster, all resulting in a better cup of coffee.

That's all I have for now! If you'd like to be updated more frequently, follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

-Lance Roper, Actual Coffee Roaster