Kickstarter January 08, 2013 13:08

2013 will be a dramatic year for Actual Coffee. Starting February 1st, I will be launching a campaign to raise $15,000 in pledges with a tool called Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a funding tool for creative projects. It gives me a platform to tell the story of Actual Coffee and share its goal of buying a bigger roaster with the community around me. Most importantly, it provides an effective means of raising financial support and rewarding backers in return. For example, if someone pledges $50 to the cause, they’ll receive a half-pound of fresh roasted coffee and the Actual Coffee T-shirt. It’s just a simple, tangible way of thanking the people who helped make this dream a reality.

I only have 30 days to reach the full amount of $15,000, otherwise I don’t receive any funding at all, and I'm unable to continue roasting. For that reason, it’s incredibly important for supporters of Actual Coffee to make a pledge and spread the word about this campaign.

When the time comes, I’ll post the link to my Kickstarter on Facebook, Twitter, and here on the Actual Coffee website. I’ll be posting more frequent updates to the blog during that time to let supporters know how the funding is going.

In the background, there’s lots going on with me personally that makes this Kickstarter really important.

Starting a company is a difficult task. It doesn’t earn me any money and takes lots of time. These are certainly typical complaints for young entrepreneurs. To account for that, I just got a part-time job with Apple. I’ll be working in a technical support/customer service position from the comfort of my own home. This flexibility will allow me to continue roasting coffee, but I’ll have a difficult time keeping up due to the size of my roaster. A bigger coffee roaster will allow me to continue building the business, while also being able to scrape a living.

There’s lots more to share, but I’ll do so in more bite-sized posts. If you have any questions about the upcoming Kickstarter, feel free to email me at or just leave a comment below.

You stay classy, Toledo.