Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural


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Fruit forward – juicy – chocolate – sweet

Hailing from the southern region of Ethiopia, this coffee is farmed by Senay Hailemariam in partnership with Ashenafi Argaw who together employ a calculated approach to the processing of the coffee they oversee. Located in the Chelechele and Gedeb region, this coffee is grown above sea level at an altitude of 1850-2200 meters. 

After ripe cherries are delivered to the mill, they're placed on raised drying beds in thin layers to ensure that the warm air can circulate around the coffee. The cherries are turned every 2 to 3 hours in the first few days to avoid over-fermentation and mold growth. The coffee takes between 4-6 weeks to dry, but this process is known to help create those bold, fruity flavors.

12 oz./ 340g bags.

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