Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Carbonic


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This coffee originates from the Idido Project site in Ethiopia, where it is grown and cultivated on microlots specializing in some of today’s most innovative coffee processing methods. 

The Carbonic process used in this special variety of coffee takes place when the mature coffee cherries have been harvested and are ready to be fermented and dried. They are first placed in stainless steel containers along with clean water, whereafter the processors of the mill inject carbon dioxide into the tank to dramatically slow down the breakdown of sugars. The coffee cherries are held in this carbonic state for 120 hours, and then brought to traditional Ethiopian drying beds where they are then hand sorted and dried in the sun for 36-40 days. 

All of the careful attention to detail during the processing yields beautifully complex characteristics in the final cup. The flavor notes include bright, juicy fruits & florals, with a sparkling & candy-like sweetness.

12 oz./ 340g bags.

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