Rwanda Tumba Cocatu Swiss Water Decaf


Cocatu is a coffee-cooperative in the area of Tumba town, in the mountainous Rulindo district of Northern Rwanda. Sadly, many coffee cooperatives in Rwanda have failed due to a lack of business and accounting training. Cocatu, however, has received help from a group based in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda and is not only capable of producing fine coffees, but they can also be sure that their products are reaching international markets.

The farmer of this particular lot was paid an extremely good price, despite the expenses involved in milling, shipping, and exporting. Rwanda seems to be on the heels of experiencing truly sustainable agriculture, at least when it comes to coffee.

Sweet notes of malt syrup and brown sugar, with an apple note, and cinnamon stick and earthy characteristics. 

Sold in 12 oz. bags.

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