Brazil Fazenda Santa Inês


This coffee was produced in the region of Carmo de Minas, Brazil by the Pereira family, who have been farming this ground since 1979.

In 2005, a sample from Fazenda Santa Inês won first place in Cup of Excellence Brazil, with a world record 95.85 score. This record is still active.

No other farm in Brazil ever had such a high score. Year after year, Fazenda Santa Inês kept its good marks by being on the finals of both CoE Naturals and Pulped Naturals. The family is proud to be responsible for one of the most renowned coffee farms in Brazil, and to be recognized as being on the avant-garde of coffee production not only in the country, but worldwide.

This coffee has notes of milk chocolate, a mild pleasant acidity and a rich, creamy body.

340g bags.

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