Colombia Dos Fincas


Dos Fincas is a coffee comprised of two producers within the region of Giraldo, in Antioquia, Colombia. Both producers are situated at an elevation above 2,000 meters and grow primarily Caturra, Colombia, Castillo and Tabi. Generally speaking, the Giraldo region is made up of very small producers who deliver tiny lots to buying stations throughout the harvest. Antioquia has historically been a known as a volume region, but in fact has the same capability of producing high-quality coffees found in the rest of the country. With new buying stations in Giraldo, the goal is to show the world the potential of these small producers. Whether 5 lbs or 500 lbs., every lot that is delivered to our buying station is cupped and feedback is provided to the producers. Dos Fincas represents the hard word of dedicated producers whom are fairly compensated with the highest prices in town.
In the cup, we get sweet notes of brown sugar, fig, and pear with a clean and juicy finish.

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