Colombia Finca El Paraïso


Finca El Paraiso by Mr. Ernedis Rodriguez is a beautiful farm about 12 km east of the town of Gigante in Huila. The farm is perched exactly at the rim of a mountain with most of the fields facing west across the beautiful Magdalena river valley. The farm consists of a total of 14 hectares, of which 7 are part of a nature reserve. The other 7 hectares of coffee consist of 18,000 Caturra and 14,000 Castillo trees. One of the most remarkable aspects is that Ernedis treats the farm as a company. Naming it “the company” during conversation as well as maintaining a very well kept coffee area. Coffee farming is often a family business and with Ernedis that’s not different. He gets a lot of support from his wife and children. The family is included in the operations and his both daughters have been growing towards jobs (Quality Grader and Business Administration) within the local coffee sector.

His best quality is 100% Caturra, but also the Castillo lots are scoring excellent. The coffee is processed at approx. 1804 masl. in small solar dryers and sold as separate varieties. In the next few years his volume of Caturra is expected to increase with about 5,000 trees. All the small trees will reach maturation and improve his position to finance the daily operations of the farm.

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