Ecuador Finca Cruz Loma


This is an award-winning, naturally processed coffee from Pichincha, Ecuador produced by Galo Morales on his farm, Finca Cruz Loma. Upon brewing a cup you will experience very clear and delicious notes of different berries, such as strawberries and blackberries, with an amazing balance, light body, and clean finish. This is an incredibly complex single origin coffee we can’t recommend enough.

This year Finca Cruz Loma proudly accepted the first-place prize for their coffee at Ecuador’s national quality coffee competition, the Taza Dorada. Morales has earned accolades all throughout the industry after years of striving to share boundary-pushing coffees. The successes of Finca Cruz Loma’s efforts are tangibly noticeable when brewing this coffee using your favorite home-brewing method or as espresso.

Sold in 12 oz. bags

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