Peru Cajamarca


As an origin, Peru harbors all of the necessities to produce world-class coffee. Including, but not limited to concentrated volumes of coffee growing at and above 1700 masl, a prominence of Bourbon, Caturra, and Typica,  and a noticeable movement amongst the producing population - working towards moving away from subsidence-farming, and more towards seeing quality coffee production as a viable business.

Peru is somewhat new to the specialty coffee market, and as a result of that a few challenges still remain. Peru’s coffee culture isn’t as well supported as other countries producing specialty coffees. For instance, the distance between farms and delivery points is typically very significant, causing some farmers to wait a great length of time until producing a full load of coffee, before delivering it into town.  We hope to see these difficulties quickly overcome as Peru continues full-speed ahead, working to create a name for themselves in the specialty coffee world.

The cup presents floral aromas with sweet notes of almond, cocao, and stewed fruit.

Sold in 12 oz. bags.



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