Sulawesi Toarco


Toarco comes to us from Sulawesi (formerly Celebes,) which is one of the largest islands in Indonesia.

Indonesia produces a vast amount of quality coffee varieties. Most of the coffees grown there are Typica hybrids, though Indonesia also has a great deal of Robusta-heavy hybrids as well.

The Sulawesi Toarco ( Toraja Arabica Coffee) comes to us from a company that works with upwards of 7,000 small coffee-growing families in Indonesia, where they diligently grade, separate, and process the coffee. They process the cherry using a washed method, a method introduced by the Japanese-Indonesian joint venture, TOARCO, in the late 1970s.

If a producer wants to sell their coffee to TOARCO, they must first be certified to the quality standards of selective picking, storage, transportation, and moisture levels, among other things. 

This is a tangy and semi-sweet coffee, with notes of lime, caramel, spices, and sugar cane.

Sold in 12 oz. bags. 

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