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Actual Coffee

Coffee Jute Bags

Coffee Jute Bags

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Our coffee comes to us in heavy duty burlap (or jute, as coffee people call it.) They hold anywhere between 132 and 160 pounds of coffee, and vary a bit in size. On average, they're about 28" x 40".

We don't have a purpose for them, but you might! 

Are you planning a sack race? Then these are just the sacks for you. 

Looking for some interesting fabric to wrap heavy duty black pipe flanges? This is what you need.

Do you flaunt a Pinteresty life? You'll probably need some for god knows what.

As you can see, the possibilities for these bags are simply endless. 

There may be a small hole or some green coffee beans in the bags. Some bags are cooler than others too. And that's just life goes sometimes. 

Buy Yours Today! ( <- this call to action should cause you to buy a bag whether you want one or not.)

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