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Project Espresso

Project Espresso

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We've spent a lot of time and energy coming up with what we'd love espresso to be, and it's finally here. Our view is that espresso isn't just an ingredient for a latte or cappuccino, it's something that can savored on its own. So many espresso blends are formulated and roasted with the assumption that it will be mixed with milk and other additives. We feel that our espresso is enjoyable as it is, and marries well with milk.

We're calling it Project Espresso for a reason we want to be transparent about. Blends change, especially for smaller roasters like us. As different coffees move in and out of inventory, we replace blend components while doing our best to make sure the blend stays consistent. It's a never-ending project that we're fully committed to.

This is a blend of South American, Central American, and East African coffees. The result is a smooth, chocolatey espresso with notes of caramel, blueberry, and much more. 

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